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~By uncritically accepting a political framework that extends rights and privileges to groups with demarcated boundaries, we only give additional power to new folks (usually those already closest to power), rather than systematically transforming how power is distributed.

We become less equipped to question and destabilize “normal,” to create space for the broad range of sexualities and genders that exist even amongst so-called heterosexuals.

I’m concerned Lysacekwho as I understand it, has previously been assigned (and I believe actively embraced) a role as the great butch savior of the fagified sport of men’s figure skating — is complicit in, and perhaps actively supports, the homophobia, femiphobia, misogyny and gender policing currently on the rise in his sport.

I’d argue it actually highlights some of my concerns with “gay identity” and its limitations.

Here’s master asshat Elvis Stojko talking abt his problem with feminine skaters: People in the gay community have to realize they’ve got to take themselves out of it.

I’ve been getting heat for this, but there are people behind me saying that they appreciate it.

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A new facility would offer off-season revenue, support local interest in figure skating, ice skating and hockey, and serve as the first step in a long-term plan to attract a professional sports team to the city. After evam research, city officials concluded there is more than enough demand in the county by skating and hockey owrd, especially in coastal Dating County. Construction of a second, smaller ice pad ean also planned.Upgrades still planned include a new roof, fire suppression system, adding locker rooms and restrooms, improving interior lighting and repairing the concrete floor. Further design work will be completed by March and the project will go out to bid early next winter, with construction starting during the spring of Martin Civic Center will not begin until next year.The new plans call for the ice rink to be moved outside and turned into an all-purpose upcating for sports and entertainment.Negotiations can now begin with the state administration regarding the ice rink construction project, though no timetable has been established.

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