Third base dating stories

07-Feb-2019 12:05

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In the world of romance much has changed over the last few decades.

For those who are looking to enter into a relationship, expect courtship and protocols for communication to be totally different than they were in the '80s or even the '90s.

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Geography, religion, education, income, even height and hair color are considerations before an initial meet up happens.This may feel like a job interview rather than a personal encounter, but truth be told dating has morphed into a punch list of desirable qualities.People often are looking to lock down a certain type on paper before having drinks or dinner.Properly Vetting - How does one vet a potential date? Today all you have to do is follow the breadcrumbs that people leave on social media.

A quick check on Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or the multitude of dating sites will provide a heads up about the good, bad and the ugly of the person's life story.Are they "Feeling the Bern" or are they looking to "Make America Great Again" ?The million dollar question is: Do opposites really attract or implode?Communication - Be prepared to have the initial "hello" come through in the form of a text message on your cell as opposed to a phone call.