Speed dating at comic con

26-Dec-2018 18:20

Courtney's take on the the costume was accurate in parts: The knee high red boots, the matching long red leather gloves, even the red waist sash...

although the boots gained a few inches on the heel to give the 5'4" model a little boost.

What remaining modesty the teen bride had was saved by tiny pasties over her nipples, and a skimpy string thong downstairs - although having been painted the same colour as the rest of her body, she very much looked completely naked.

The model, who married 55-year-old actor Doug Hutchinson when she was 16, has championed for the animal charity before.

Last year she posed in a lettuce leaf bikini in another promotional stunt for PETA in Washington.

Just read our little helpful hints below and you'll be set. The very first thing we suggest doing is deciding what you want to do while you are in San Diego, because you will have to make some difficult decisions when panels start to overlap.You might be a newbie, but you'll act like a pro by following our 14 simple rules. Then you're not running around like a chicken with its head cut off.Comic-Con is four days of panels, parties and demonstrations on the floor. Which reminds us…Rule #2: You Comic-Con is NOT a vacation.No matter what you're doing, there will be lots of stuff to see and lots of places to go.

Panels at Derby City Comic Con ! Saturday - East Room 1. AM - Sci-Fi Speed Dating Session 1 PM - Kids Costume Contest PM - Adult Costume Contest Pre-Judging - Contestants ONLY!… continue reading »

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The people who attend conventions catering to geeks—like the bustling celebration of video games, graphic novels, and anime that was last month’s New Y.… continue reading »

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The Met Report discovered Sci-Fi Speed Dating at Denver Comic-Con, and found out that Ryan Glitch, the owner and creator of the speed dating, runs a pretty.… continue reading »

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Join Doug MacCash as he third-wheels at a sci-fi speed dating event at the New Orleans Wizard World Comic-Concontinue reading »

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