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Zoe, who wanted to get to the bottom of Madison's death, used an Ouija board with Queenie and Nan and ended up waking up the spirit of The Axeman, who was killed by the witches in the house in 1919.But he did give Zoe a clue on Madison's whereabouts: the attic.The girls discovered Madison's rotting body, but when they interrogated Spaulding (Nan read his mind), he lied to cover up for Fiona yet again and said he killed her. Unfortunately, she doesn't remember anything about her death yet, but we're sure that will change.Zoe doesn't quite believe him, and quickly got ahold of Misty Day to bring Madison back. Oh, and Franken Kyle is back and staying at the house for the time being.Meanwhile, Cordelia is released from the hospital and once again sees visions of her husband Hank cheating when he touches her. We suggest not bringing this one home with you, oh, Supreme one.: Aaaaannd we're back!

In a swoon-worthy moment, Oliver explained that his dangerous life makes it impossible for him to be with someone he could really care about, implying that he and Felicity could have a future if it was not for Arrow. ) that the man who was ordered to kill Digg's brother goes by the alias, H.

FREMONT, CA — Fremont Police arrested two people Sunday who allegedly robbed a man at gunpoint when he met a woman at a Fremont hotel to have sex, according to police.