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07-Nov-2018 08:37

• Overweight and obesity are associated with increased risk of at least 13 different types of cancer.

• Overweight- and obesity-related cancers accounted for 40% of all cancers diagnosed in 2014.

• About 55% of cancers diagnosed in women and 24% of those diagnosed in men are overweight- and obesity-related cancers.

• The incidence of overweight- and obesity-related cancers (excluding colorectal cancer) increased significantly among persons aged 20–74 years during 2005–2014.

• The findings emphasize the importance of intensifying nationwide efforts to prevent and treat overweight and obesity.

• Multilevel approaches to comprehensive cancer control that address social determinants of health and include evidence-based interventions that address healthy weight and other cancer risk factors might help reduce the burden of cancer and other chronic diseases.

Results: In 2014, approximately 631,000 persons in the United States received a diagnosis of a cancer associated with overweight and obesity, representing 40% of all cancers diagnosed.Overweight- and obesity-related cancer incidence rates were higher among older persons (ages ≥50 years) than younger persons; higher among females than males; and higher among non-Hispanic black and non-Hispanic white adults compared with other groups.Incidence rates for overweight- and obesity-related cancers during 2005–2014 varied by age, cancer site, and state.Excluding colorectal cancer, incidence rates increased significantly among persons aged 20–74 years; decreased among those aged ≥75 years; increased in 32 states; and were stable in 16 states and the District of Columbia.

Conclusions: The burden of overweight- and obesity-related cancer is high in the United States.

Incidence rates of overweight- and obesity-related cancers except colorectal cancer have increased in some age groups and states. residents are unaware that adults who are overweight or have obesity are at increased risk for cancer (2,3).