Liquidating of jewish ghettos

20-Feb-2019 09:52

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David Irving At the last IHR Conference, in October 1992, I spoke about my visit to the secret Soviet state archives in Moscow, where I found the private diary of Dr.Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi Propaganda Minister, microfilmed on eighteen hundred glass plates. Irving, “The Suppressed Eichmann and Goebbels Papers,” March–April 1993 Journal, pp.14–25.] I can’t tell you just who tipped me off about this, as it would breach confidentiality, but there are certain German historians who are friendly to me, and one of them tipped me that the material was just waiting to be found by someone.I went to Moscow and got this material – to the unbounded rage of rival historians around the world, who couldn’t believe that I, the “incorrigible,” “neo-Nazi,” “Fascist-scum” historian, had got the stuff for which they had been looking for 50 years.If you’re a historian dealing with the Third Reich, you know that Goebbels’ diary must contain all the dirt from that era.

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By holding back the good stuff, they were acting in an almost capitalistic manner.

In the end, I didn’t pay one bent nickel for this material.