Hlstatsx not updating team fortress 2

13-Feb-2019 15:24

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TFC had something similar where you escort a civilian to the end of the level (civilian can't attack but can be killed etc)Apart from that I can't think of anything else, probably some RTS somewhere along the lines had something like it The "Escort" mission has been a staple of video games for years.

The only thing Valve did was change the thing being escorted into a giant bomb on wheels that would blow up spectacularly at the conclusion.

Usually they give you some weak, fragile, slow, useless unit to protect, and instead of everyone attacking you (which you could handle, not being weak, fragile, slow and useless) they would all gang up on the unit you're supposed to protect, making you scream and throw your controller across the room until it shatters in 14 different pieces.

Yeah, Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory did Payload essentially.

If I ever got unlazy enough to learn to use Hammer, one of my first maps would be pl remakes of those.i have played a map that requires you to push a cart from point c to point d, but unless you also cap the control points a and b there are road blocks in the way.

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