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07-Jan-2019 01:10

I feel like this board/forum is pretty appropriate for this site. I'm waiting to order a matching puppy tail to go with my ears. I'm not really into pet play all that much but I do like ears and I want a butt plug tail. :3 When you make them, let us know, maybe post a pic!

DDlg and pet's cross paths a lot, and pets can also be littles, and littles can be pets. Pet play is when a person takes on animal characterizes, like being like a kitten, or being a little pup. And eventually I'd like bunny ears, can't decide if I'd want them as the bendable kind or the one that look Tera ears. I really want kitty ears, a tail, and a collar, and at least cute woof ears for Daddy! Kittensplaypen has great tails and ears and I would love some from there! @bull, I'm glad ddlgdoodles was able to tell you that before I could.

This form of play can be express in many ways, including but not limited to, dressing up, animal speak, and walking or other traits and animal they are might have. Pet play doesn't involve furries and it also has nothing to do with otherkin. :3 Not all conversations need to be about pet play! (/ω\) I really want to order from Kitten's Playpen as others have mentioned, their items are really cute~ @Bull - Well I think you picked a good one.

People don't need to do all of these things in order to know as a 'pet'. Typical pet play animals are: This is a place where we talk about pet play, show off new outfits, show off pet play themed items....

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