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Comprehensive Suramar Guide Ye be lookin' for a Warcraft guide to pilfer yer Bloodsail Admiral's Hat and , eh ye scallywag?Ye think ye've got what it takes to enlist in the ranks of the Bloodsail Buccaneers? "— Jerry Seinfeld Few could forget that high-pitched whine from Jerry when he was guilted into wearing a poofy "pirate" shirt on national television.Well, this here's yer ticket to a life of piracy. only those with a pirate's heart will earn their Bloodsail Admiral's Hat, and the ultra-rare pet parrot that it brings. March 2009: In build 3.0 the revealed what Blizzard considered to be true vanity pets. As such, we're no longer maintaining this guide. If you share Jerry's sentiment, then NO HAT FOR YOU!We will leave it up for posterity, but know that it's only current to early Wrath of the Lich King content. Otherwise, get back tah land where ye belong, ya landlubber! Unfortunately, there's simply no way to get your Bloodsail hat without scrapping your reputation with those lovable goblins and plunging into a life of piracy. Then once you've gotten your prized hat and parrot, you can turn on those Bloodsails faster than you can say, "YAAARRRRRR!Contents Becoming a Pirate The Path to Piracy Reputation Gains and Losses In Closing Yup… FYI: The goblins who run the horde zeppelins and the goblins of Outland are not a part of the Steamwheedle Cartel. " You're in for a long, tough grind to earn your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat.Therefore they will not attack you for your Bloodsail affiliation. And you'll be hated by goblins everywhere long before you get your hat. Pirate prerequisites Your Bloodsail Admiral's Hat (and the Blood Parrot it summons when worn) are earned through a quest called This quest is offered by once you are: Without BOTH the friendly and hated standings, this quest will be unavailable to you.

However, there are other mobs to kill if you're leveling up and want to start early. Faldir's Cove: The 35-46 Bloodsail grind If you're in the process of leveling, you can begin building your Bloodsail Buccaneers reputation as early as level 35.

CAUTION: There are more than fifty quests that will negatively impact your Bloodsail Buccaneer reputation. However, this method loses its effectiveness once you reach level 47, when the key mob no longer provides any experience and its rep value is reduced to 1.

Assuming you haven't killed any or completed any of the quests linked in the cautionary note above, you're Bloodsail Buccaneers rep will begin at 35,500/36,000 hated (only 500 away from hostile).

If you've already done more than one or two quests, or killed more than a few Bloodsail mobs for sport or loot, you might be better off waiting until you reach 80 to begin grinding rep.

To raise your Bloodsail rep (levels 35-46), open your reputation tab (accessed through your character pane) and check off the "At War" box for Booty Bay.You'll then need to kill [38-39] along with the named mobs, [39] , , and (all mobs are worth 5 rep a piece, but the deckhands are reduced to 1 a piece beyond level 46).These mobs are located in Faldir's Cove, which is found in the Arathi Highlands along the southwestern coast behind Stromguarde.If your Bloodsail rep was never damaged, you'd have to kill 1,300 of these mobs to get to friendly.