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When Shipping a pair of characters, fans often combine the characters' names into a portmanteau word.They then use this word to refer to the couple as a unit. Although common in Anime fandoms, where the syllable-based nature of the Japanese language means names are modular and can be snapped together with ease, there are still numerous examples of Real Life celebrity couples where this happens.

“Our data will be used to update the Alaska seismic hazard map, part of the collection of USGS maps used to support effective building codes.

Other federal agencies, such as the National Park Service, NOAA, U. Forest Service, and FEMA use our data to increase public safety related to earthquake and tsunami hazards.” The team hopes to also determine how fast the tectonic plates on each side of the fault slide past each other and how this fault “slip” has altered the landscape at Icy Point.

The rate (or speed) that a fault slips controls the time between earthquakes, and is a critical input for seismic hazard assessments in a region.

In 1958, a magnitude 7.7 earthquake struck Lituya Bay, Alaska — leading to a tsunami that devastated the area.

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The earthquake was studied right after it occurred by USGS geologist Don Miller and University of California, Berkeley geologist Don Tocher.

Last year, Witter and his team picked up the trail to use new technologies to understand the Fairweather Fault’s motion.