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09-Feb-2019 08:57

alum Carly Waddell hinted that the pair might have started up a relationship after returning from Mexico. Though the two began the season insisting their relationship was platonic, their attitudes changed after Maltby, 31, decided to depart As the neonatal nurse drove away from the resort, Maltby admitted she “wasn’t expecting that.” “I cant believe that just happened,” she told a producer.

22 photo with husband Evan Bass, Adams, Malby, and fellow bartending duties from the beloved Jorge, the radio DJ noted that he and Maltby – both Nashville residents – had been friends in Tennessee before landing on the reality show together. The mental health counselor gave Peth her rose during season four’s initial rose ceremony, and they’ve been inseparable on the show’s first four episodes.

I’m really glad I ended The third couple in Waddell’s photo – Peth, 30, and Nolan, 23 – was one of the first duos to pair off in Mexico.

Jack and Danielle have been seeing each for around seven months and were introduced by Jack’s pop star older brother Conor, 25.

Things are said to be so serious that he spoke to her on the phone the night before he went into the jungle.

A source said: “Jack and Danielle had spent a lot of time together over the past seven months.

They’d quietly attended industry events together and made no secret among pals of how close they were.

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Now big name brands including The Body Shop, Walkers and Snickers are cutting off lucrative sponsored content.

Jack’s deals with Cadbury, Puma, Nike, Schwarzkopf and LG also hang in the balance.

It comes after the 23-year-old apologised yesterday for homophobic and racist online comments.

Jack lasted just 72 hours in the ITV reality show before we revealed this week that bosses axed him.

We can also reveal Jack, his brother and You Tuber Mikey Pierce made a video where they guessed teenage girls’ ages for a game.

In the footage, Jack says of one: “I think she’s literally 14 years old.” Mikey guessed 12 and Conor 15.