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29-Nov-2018 14:48

That I tried to avoid as much as I could, to finally realise that..

I care about this man way too much to let him go...

And that though this is a tricky situation I should allow myself to try it and experience it and if it doesnt work than at least I wont live with regrets.. I never truly freed myself from that state of mind.. as I said, the guy is still legally married to his wife.. which means she is fully aware of her parent's situations..

he is the first person I think about in the morning and the last person I dream or think about when I go back to sleep.. but the fact that he came back everytime made me start to think that maybe this guy has a real interest.. And tonight we had a conversation that I didnt think would end like this.. And he was like "please just say what is on your mind and what you actually feel and if you dont feel anything for me, its fine.." .. and I understand you have your doubts, and I also too think about all this, but Im willing to go forward with you.." And my mind was screaming YES YOURE WILLING TO MOVE FORWARD NOW. And I guess the fact that I keep thinking about their ending instead of OUR ending.. and I dont wanna be away from him, I wanna see him and be with him as much as I can..

So not dating a separated man because he could get back with his wife is the same as not dating a regular guy cause he could get back with his ex. If he hadnt come back, I wouldnt have talk to him.. At first, I said, I feel this is going god and I feel good about this. and then I told him about my insecurities and he was kind of saying "Im trying for us to move forward and you keep going backwards.. Like did you guys sign the papers and you have a date when the divorce will be finalized? and thats still what Im doing, but yet again I feel maybe this is a bad idea.. but everytime I think maybe I should do that, I remember how much I ached for him..

Though I read on the Internet and it does makes sense, that if the person wants to get back or not, its not about the piece of paper, its about the feelings... though right now we dont talk much so we barely have a relationship.. I guess its all about trusting your guts and do what you think its best. I dont wanna say I dont feel a thing because to be the way I just said I am for this guy, theres no way I dont feel anything.. and when I think about him, Im out of breath, Im smiling. I just dont want to be too much involved and I guess Im stepping out a little bit.. Though I feel Im here because I had feelings and I was curious to get to know this guy..

How can I not be insecure that I could be a rebound, that they could still be having sex, that they could get back to gether.. but at the same time, If Im there its because I was willing to deal with this maybe ?

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