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TWO SESSION 645 AUCTION SALES Classified's a great place to advertise your home business. 139 30 AM mait, lace and beaded ttqum purte L tweetert, mmk, fur trim coat.


421 6300 645 AUCTION SALi S Classified; a great place to advertise your home business. t new but vmtagt Ribaang the bait deugner Antujue bavarian and kmoye, ittti century walnut Located 3i m Uet E of Cmti Oh Take St Rt 125 Eatt to Bethel Oh wwn nw Knon registration beginning at )0 m 30 YEAR COLLECTION 3,000-4,000 PCS Turn South on St Rt Ii3 to SOt North Market St Feixity, Otno NOW TON of Michigan COMPLETE SUPERMARKET AUCTION Former Foocfand Supermarket on Bus, Loop m I Maumte St. Ivy boyt, at in A-1 cono twn Owner Fk Phpt w othert Caih or check w proper 10. II) Davis Trencher, 1 1) kitl Loader, 17) Dilchwilch Trenchers.

421-6300 645 AUCTION SALES Classified's I great place to advertise your home business. ) ADRIAN, Ml FRO AY, Sfc PT Hmt OMAM A complete modern ( I94U remodel) supermarket arckx Sang baker, del, ft meat equap. Not eat EVENING 40 gunt including C grade Parker 12 ga 5 5 trap barrel, pkn other tortg and hand gunt Comt ir Ktuckng 3 SS gold prt. haft dime, dime, quarter, ft halt dollar, two cent pel Indian head wheal ft kg penntet Tokeni Lot ot tm ma tary, political buttont, pint ft badget, etc., knives e Kbdrng baby a ten KM rttponu DW tor men accident b Wuc Tiur4ai "Auc Won Mtrkthng Specie-! m wis, o rem, j ay nfie knivei, caiekmvtt, tcoul A t Auctioneer lltens57 74IS0 2530 Spring Grove Ave Cmti, OH knvt, Khrade, booiiacl lab krvte. Certified Check or teller ot crecal from bank on Sale Oay Cal or Write for complete brochure! 14k gold plain weotfmg bandt, LARGE LIQUIDATION SALE BY SECURED PARTY Construction Equipment, Vehicles and Inventory ol a large South-western Ohio Plumbing & HVAC Contractor. Partial List ol Items for Sale: IS) John Oeere Loader Back Hoes.

421 6300 Nil Eg M Met Rd Emt Cmcimlt ANTIQUE AUCTION 645 AUCTION SALi S CSTATI AUCTION Sept 12, 10 30am. KV terms 66 acres w house and barn at Gayle Gorge & 101 ecres on Licking River Farms are midway between Ml Olivette. Terms STOu O down on Track I, S5000 down on Track 7. 167 Rtvtrama (oft Pahiadtt Oe M) 645 AUCTION SALES mm mm mm mm mt Don't depend on word of mouth-depend on classified when you have something to sell SAT. 12 A"HC perking at Open Dear Moving to retirement viiiaae would vou beheve? wahjns, shelving, baler, rttigaration eqmp ft cave, oftict; safe, materials handling equip, dxipiays, cath register t, decor, etc. Martha Maihmgton lewmg mactww, ta Aet tecretary, v Ktroia, Rook- 1961 XE ROASTER JAOUAR SELLS SUNDAY. ptut lev era) othart Jewety, tuch at lav era) I4K traditional Aarnond maaoie Beckn aprmg wove 44orttwear Entire factory Scwwvi frwtwwrv PM (Si3)94l-iil T PUBLIC AUCTION Bemdge Reclamation Benedict mc a. FA I4C, Case I50C 4 I I50A, etc TDISt Cat 977L ISSL. Frey 4 Sens PYetossienel Auctioneers POe, 7 Archbe M. Items win be sold on an ' AS IS, WHERE IS' basis and wi be available tor Inspection by appointment only.

deed In 30 days Seeer Stela Robertson heirs Norman Staggs. A good clean tale Cal or write For Circular: AUCTION NORTON or Michigan DAVto a. CALL FOR IN Patterns tram Adam te Wmtfiir FORMATION. coeeclort wood, houiehotd tnent, quean vie condor ter i. ktamerke chatf L Oct ta Dtt FOLLOWING A BRIEF LISTING AUCTION OF ITEMS TO BE SOLO ON SAT LARGE ALL OAV AUCTIONS rm w'wmi nwmaii M te H alike fftefhor Owner .l 4j4-tm 645 AUCTION SALES TWILIGHT REAL ESTATE PERSONAL I PROPERTY AUCTION Located I miles southeast of Hits boro. Ohio SATURDAY EVENING SEPTEMBER 26 1917 Begnrang et 4 00 p m with personal r oper ty end Real Estate sale at OOprn REAL ESTATE A laroa lot t? beo Toomt upttair and 4 roomf rl Kitchan dowmtavrs Thr , room apartmant attached to rtoma A second home on tr prop arfv hai ) rrximi of 1 bs& ixmi. d Kiing aroa and -vmg room Alto Dai4mtni w J car garage 1 laxdry room Prop-arty tt ktxoted taitrwn rrwiutat Of Uocfcv Fork Lakt FO TFOVS, Lt STG OF PERSONAL PBOf TY FUTHf B iff F(JWATl ON, OH A BSOCMUWE CONTACT LAMAR CALLAHAN AT 5I3-J93-4195 or AUC Tl ONt fc RS AT 5 1 3-444-2 1J9 OT SI J 44 74SS 0nar Mr & Mrt Mvr. D Bv 0anrte He4 Aitoc ALKtionaert SU44 ilj9or SI-44 )4b S OR DON ALOE FENIOER, INC.-REALTORS .13 W3 424? others Tuesday Sept IS, II7 - 10 A M Jackson Co Airport-Jackson. Komatsu D45S SCRAPERS 141 Cal 677 141 Waeco 279GS, 727G IMA, HC C 700 CAT I7E GRADER HYD EXC Cat 735 12)775, JO 6.0B CRANES SHOVELS RT LOADERS Cal ease. Ford A6R, CAse W74, Clark 758 LOADER HOES 171 Case SSIOOw Stu C Oynahoe OI40 Case II3S-TRACK ORILLS AIR COMPS-TRENCHER ROLLER FARM t Qf JC JO 4140.

OH Location From Jackson take Rt 3 S 4 mi to Keystone Station Rd I Airport Rd) Turn Left toaow to Sale Site D07ERS LOADERS 113) Cafs D9M. Ford 3600 4 IN, MF 40, Mulch Master, Manure 1 Lime Fart Spreeders Ball Wing Mower etc -14 TRUCK TRACTORS-TRUCKS, Fuel.

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Cif Kinnati corrvrercial artist (Circa 1970j, I Camel cigarette advertising. darkmatic floor sweeper, dbi pine oven, glass wear, nap-kr) hokters, rod eon stands. touvvnter spoons, cork screw, cream ft tt-g-ar, etc., wal ft mantel ckxkt. L enones many additional items), ai Inventory tors. contact the fotowing: THE CLERMONT SAVINGS BANK Nell Sudbrack 4030 Mt Carmel-Tobasco Rd Cincinnati, Ohio 4525$ (SU) S2B-4I72 LISTING Furniture mctudmg met oak telephone booth, tevera) show-catet, including curved g'ait w in un I' or si J MX l MURRELL TURPIN.

Cincinnati artist Eno Meyer 4- 3 ortginai water colors by Urban G War f har. Used (copper pipe 4 Vehicle Parts (radiators, starters, cebure- vent of leaded gtais windows Granite-ware brats ft Iron items, crock bowls, picture frames, wood boiet.