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I have noticed that you guys (and most dating advice sites, actually) focus a lot on things women do, but do you send men emails to help them with things? this is heart-breaking.” The vast majority of men just want to meet a girl they can fall in love with who will love them back.It just seems like women are somehow always the problem. They want to meet that one special girl and settle down with her.It should go both ways to help a relationship, shouldn’t it? The vast majority do not want to be the player-type that’s crammed down everyone’s throat by the media.Believe it or not, when I started out with the whole dating advice thing, I worked with men exclusively. As for being into dating advice, men seek it desperately.The dating advice for men niche is ENORMOUS compared to the woman’s dating advice niche.The thing is – men seek their dating advice very privately.They don’t want anyone to know they are seeking dating advice help.Men would be less embarrassed having their mother walk in while they were looking at porn than having someone they know find out they sought dating advice. Because seeking dating advice help to most men feels like a defeat… A fraction of men are more open minded and look at learning to be great in relationship as just another life area to be educated in, like fitness or finance. Make no mistake though – men are terrified of being trapped in a bad relationship, not being good enough, not being attractive to the woman they want, ending up alone or being cheated on by an ungrateful/unfulfilled spouse.

In today’s society and culture, it is readily acceptable to blame a man or hate a man or condemn a man… There’s this air that men have bad intentions and are out to take advantage of women.The truth is that only a very, very, very small percentage of men are scumbags in the dating world.Most are great guys who just want to love and be loved…but women have been so traumatized by myths about what is going on in a man’s mind that they suspect that these good men have bad intentions.

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There are forums all over the internet of men privately and anonymously pouring their heart and soul out there, hoping that someone can answer their dating question. They talk about how they don’t feel women are attracted to them or even notice them. I once had a guy I was working with one-on-one to help him in his dating life.They talk about how painfully shy they are or how they are deathly afraid of rejection. The majority of them are normal people who just want to be happy – with themselves and with their relationship… He was very shy at first but we made a lot of progress together and he got way better at talking to women (and in the social scene in general).They talk about how no matter how hard they try, they can’t seem to get a girlfriend or make their girl happy. About two months into the coaching, he’s in his office and he asks one of his female co-workers to hang out. ” I wasn’t there, but I have to imagine that he immediately broke into a sweat. On the other, his co-worker happens to be one of my good (and hot) female friends who was just expressing her amazement with my job. my particular brand of advice could be boiled down to this: Find happiness within yourself and your life fully FIRST and relationships will never be a problem for you.She says, “Sure, but do you mind if you hang out with some of my friends? She couldn’t believe that guys needed this and she never would have guessed that she was talking to a client of mine.