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05-Feb-2019 01:56

was a stunning piece of cinema, director Denis Villeneuve further exploring the terrifying world introduced by Ridley Scott.

While the sequel received widespread critical acclaim, many people took issue with the portrayal of women, particularly the virtual character Joi, played by Ana de Armas.

Speaking to, Villeneuve responded to the criticism, saying: I am very sensitive to how I portray women in movies.

This is my ninth feature film and six of them have women in the lead role. Blade Runner is not about tomorrow; it’s about today. “There’s a sense in American cinema: you want to portray an ideal world. That’s good—dreams for a better world, to advocate for something better, yes.

“The first Blade Runner was quite rough on the women; something about the film noir aesthetic. For Joi, the holographic character, you see how she evolves. But if you look at my movies, they are exploring today’s shadows.

It’s interesting, I think.” Villeneuve’s other films include Sicario, which saw Emily Blunt as the central character, and Arrival, which saw Amy Adams play a linguist tasked with translating an alien language. “The first Blade Runner is the biggest dystopian statement of the last half century.

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